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Hei! My name is Elisa Frittoli and I am a fashion and life style blogger running and editing this blog! I was born and raised in Milan (Italy) but I am living in Oslo (Norway) at the moment. Cool right?! :) I love to combine southern European and Scandinavian style! Checking out my blog you can have an overview over those two worlds! I love to write about fashion, trends, interiors, life style, art, music, movies, and of course travels! I am a full-time Store Manager for United Colors of Benetton, and I have been working for companies like Zara and Prada! Moreover I am a mother, a job that keeps me busy 24/7, but it`s the best job ever :) I am currently trying to get more and more into digital marketing and PR. Of course, this carousel involve a lot of work as stylist (starting of myself), photography and research!What keeps me up?! PASSION FOR FASHION AND LOVE FOR BLOGGING, which I believe is a newest kind of art as expression of yourself! From here the name of my blog! Elisa discovering the Elisir of great Life!